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We are so proud of our wonderful team here at Blessed Hair Lounge, that we take pride in presenting what amazing hairdressers they really are.

Casey Kelland

If you mention Casey Kelland’s name in Mackay, you will be greeted with a long string of accolades. Her extraordinary talent and devoted spirit has lead to her becoming one of the most well known hairdressers in the region and beyond. A gifted and natural-born leader, she has earned herself the nickname of ‘Queen Bee’ and backs it up with almost 20 years experience in the industry. From weddings to a baby’s first haircut, she takes enormous pride in contributing to all the ‘blessed’ moments in her client’s lives. A perfectionist at heart, Casey’s Virgo nature has helped her become a multi-award winner over the years and it’s only just the beginning for this creative prowess.

'Owner/Senior Stylist'

Karen O'Neill

Living up to her nickname as ‘Mumma Bear’, Karen is the glue that holds the Blessed family together. Having opened the salon with her daughter Casey in 2010; Karen is an integral team member and a solid presence in the back office. Wholly committed to her family, she is fulfilling a lifelong dream to work alongside her daughter in the hairdressing industry. In true Leo form, she loves having a good time with her loved ones and lives by the belief that “age is only a number”.


Brittany Wilson

Our little energizer bunny, Brittany or ‘Britta’ can be found chatting and socializing with everyone who comes into the salon. Never short of a big welcoming Aquarius grin, Britta has a warm and kind demeanor that far exceeds her 19 years. Britta has been a part of the Blessed family for the past one and a half years and we couldn’t imagine our days without her now. A former cheerleader, Britta is a true people person and spends her time in the salon improving her hairdressing skills. Keep a close eye on this one; her career is about to take off.


Liv Bradford

Content Coming Soon....


Brittney Waterson

Scorpios are often known for their calm and cool behavior, and mysterious appearance, Brittney aka ‘lil big Brit’ is exactly that. The quiet achiever in the team, she is constantly perfecting her hairdressing trade with dreams to also become a makeup artist one day. She may be the youngest Blessed member at 17, but she is destined for greatness with her keen focus and determination. Approaching her one-year anniversary at Blessed, lil big Brit is here to stay and we couldn’t be happier.


Melissa Simpson

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'Senior Stylist'

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